Doctoral Students

Name Current Post Topic Year
Sameer Bajaj
PhD Candidate
Lecturer Warwick, UK
Liberalism 2017
Matt Bedke
University of British Columbia
Normativity 2007
Jason Brennan
Robert J. and Elizabeth Flanagan Family Professor
Georgetown University
Moral Theorizing 2007
Chris Brown
National U of Singapore
Kantian Virtue 2008
Chris Freiman
William & Mary
Moral Theory & Psychology 2010
Walter Glannon
Canada Research Chair
University of Calgary
Free will 1995
Mario Juárez
Corruption Theory 2021
Cara Nine
University College Cork
Morality of Borders 2005
Linda Radzik
Associate Professor
Texas A&M University
Normativity 1997
Gregory Robson
PhD Candidate
Iowa State
Justice 2017
Lainie Ross
University of Chicago
Justice for Children 1996
Steve Scalet
University of Baltimore
Liberal Justice 1999
Dan Shahar
Doctoral Candidate
UNC Chapel Hill, now at University of New Orleans
The Ecology of Right Action 2016
Daniel Silvermint
University of Connecticut
Oppression 2012
Rhonda Smith
Air Force Academy
Self-respect 1999
John Thrasher
Monash University
Social Contract 2013