David Schmidtz's Doctoral Students

Namesort descending Current Post Topic Year
Cara Nine University College Cork Morality of Borders 2005
Chris Freiman William & Mary Moral Theory & Psychology 2010
Dan Shahar University of Arizona The Ecology of Right Action 2016
Daniel Silvermint University of Connecticut Oppression 2012
Jason Brennan Georgetown University Moral Theorizing 2007
Chris Brown National U of Singapore Kantian Virtue 2008
John Thrasher Monash University Social Contract 2013
Lainie Ross University of Chicago Justice for Children 1996
Linda Radzik Texas A&M University Normativity 1997
Matt Bedke University of British Columbia Normativity 2007
Rhonda Smith Air Force Academy Self-respect 1999
Sameer Bajaj PhD Candidate Liberalism 2017
Steve Scalet University of Baltimore Liberal Justice 1999
Walter Glannon University of Calgary Free will 1995