Robert Nozick

Contemporary Philosophy in Focus
Editor: David Schmidtz

This collection is devoted to Robert Nozick, one of the dominant philosophical thinkers of our time. Nozick's famous book, Anarchy, State and Utopia (1974), presents the classic defense of the libertarian view that only a minimal state is just. Nozick also made significant contributions to such areas as rational choice theory, ethics, epistemology, personal identity, and philosophy of mind. 

Professors Kelly and Gendler each make a perfectly valid critical remark about the collection as a whole lacking any discussion of Nozick's path-breaking (that is, path-creating!) essay on Newcomb's problem.  Indeed!  I had ben planning to write that essay myself, but the planned author of the essay on the meaning of life had to bow out. I decided that "meaning" was the more important topic, so I ended up writing that entry instead.  FWIW, my essay on Newcomb eventually got folded into a co-authored paper with Sarah Wright, which you can find on my list of articles. 

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