Western Theories of Justice

July 1, 2012 (All day)

Sam Freeman, Erin Kelly, and Dave team-taught a summer course at Bogazici University in Istanbul. Peter Niesen joined us for the 2nd week. Barry Stocker was on hand for the 1st week. The course was organized by Jon Mahoney and Amy Lara, and hosted by Lucas Thorpe. Dave's presentations were on Adam Smith on freedom, Hayek on economic justice, and the history of property rights. Erin talked about desert, retribution, and international justice. Sam talked about the varieties of liberalism and frameworks for theorizing about justice. The three also did a panel session on whether there are irreconcilable dfferences between libertarians and high liberals (and whether "high liberals" necessarily favor marijuana legalization). By some accounts, the three did not agree on an answer, or on whether they had agreed on an answer.

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