Research Papers

Title Publication Yearsort ascending
Political Economy: James Buchanan Austrian Review of Economics 2017
Political Economy: F. A. Hayek Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2017
0n Moral Theory: Peter Singer Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics 2016
Experimental Philosophy: Are Price Controls Fair? Supreme Court Economic Review 2016
0n moral theory: Adam Smith Princeton Handbook of Adam Smith 2016
0n political economy (Corruption) Performance and Progress 2015
Prisoner’s Dilemma Experiments The Prisoner’s Dilemma, Martin Peterson, editor 2014
Respect for Nature Environmental Ethics 2012
Nonideal Theory: What It Is and What it Needs to Be Ethics 2011
0n Property (legal history) Oxford History of Political Philosophy 2011
Review of Debra Satz's Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale Journal of Philosophy 2011
Free Will As a Political Problem from Brief History of Liberty 2011
Moral Theory: Priority of the Right Rational Choice and Moral Agency 2010
The Language of Ethics Creating Wealth: 2010
0n Property (as a social experiment) European Liberal Forum 2009
Political Economy: Diminishing Marginal Utility Person, Polis, Planet 2008
When Justice Matters Ethics 2007
Review of Serena Olsaretti's Liberty, Desert, and the Market Philosophical Review 2007
0n Rawls and Nozick Social Philosophy and Policy 2005
What Is Justice? Elements of Justice 2005
0n humanly rational choice (Newcomb's Problem) Midwest Studies in Philosophy 2004
0n Property (when communal property solves a problem) UC Davis Law Review 2003
0n Justice (and deserving) Political Theory 2002
0n Justice (and equality) Social Philosophy and Policy 2002
The Meanings of Life Robert Nozick 2002