Research Papers

Title Publicationsort descending Year
Moral Theory: Priority of the Right Rational Choice and Moral Agency 2010
Rediscovering the Moral Sciences Austrian Review of Economics 2017
Steiner's Essay on Rights Canadian Journal of Philosophy 1996
Philosophy of Law (Deterrence & Criminal Attempts) Canadian Journal of Philosophy 1987
The Language of Ethics Creating Wealth: 2010
Natural Enemies Environmental Ethics 2000
When Preservationism Doesn’t Preserve Environmental Values 1997
Philosophical Logic (Parsons on the Liar Paradox) Erkenntnis 1990
Nonideal Theory: What It Is and What it Needs to Be Ethics 2011
Humanly rational choice 2 (how we choose goals) Ethics 1994
Justifying the State Ethics 1990
When Justice Matters Ethics 2007
0n Property (as a social experiment) European Liberal Forum 2009
Free Will As a Political Problem from Brief History of Liberty 2011
Are All Species Equal? Journal of Applied Philosophy 2000
On Satz, Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale Journal of Philosophy 2011
Humanly rational choice 1 (why we don't maximize) Journal of Philosophy 1992
Islands In a Sea of Obligation Law & Philosophy 2000
Humanly rational choice 4 (on the nature and limits of decision theory) Midwest Studies in Philosophy 2004
A Place for Cost-Benefit Analysis Nous (Philosophical Issues) 2001
Experimental Philosophy: Theory On the Reliability of Economic Models 1995
0n Property (legal history) Oxford History of Political Philosophy 2015
0n Moral Theory: Peter Singer (After Solipsism) Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics 2016
0n political economy (Corruption) Performance and Progress 2016
Political Economy: Diminishing Marginal Utility Person, Polis, Planet 2008