Research Papers

Title Publicationsort descending Year
Moral Theory: Priority of the Right Rational Choice and Moral Agency 2010
Rediscovering the Moral Sciences Austrian Review of Economics 2017
Philosophy of Law (Deterrence & Criminal Attempts) Canadian Journal of Philosophy 1987
Steiner's Essay on Rights Canadian Journal of Philosophy 1996
The Language of Ethics Creating Wealth: 2010
Natural Enemies Environmental Ethics 2000
When Preservationism Doesn’t Preserve Environmental Values 1997
Philosophical Logic (Parsons on the Liar Paradox) Erkenntnis 1990
Humanly rational choice 2 (how we choose goals) Ethics 1994
Justifying the State Ethics 1990
When Justice Matters Ethics 2007
Nonideal Theory: What It Is and What it Needs to Be Ethics 2011
0n Property (as a social experiment) European Liberal Forum 2009
Free Will As a Political Problem from Brief History of Liberty 2011
Are All Species Equal? Journal of Applied Philosophy 2000
Humanly rational choice 1 (why we don't maximize) Journal of Philosophy 1992
On Satz, Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale Journal of Philosophy 2011
Islands In a Sea of Obligation Law & Philosophy 2000
Humanly rational choice 4 (on the nature and limits of decision theory) Midwest Studies in Philosophy 2004
A Place for Cost-Benefit Analysis Nous (Philosophical Issues) 2001
Experimental Philosophy: Theory On the Reliability of Economic Models 1995
0n Property (legal history) Oxford History of Political Philosophy 2015
0n Moral Theory: Peter Singer Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics 2016
0n political economy (Corruption) Performance and Progress 2016
Political Economy: Diminishing Marginal Utility Person, Polis, Planet 2008